Why the Igbo Should Register En Masse For APC By SKC Ogbonnia

The Igbo should queue behind the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the ongoing registration exercise. Before I delve into the premise, it is necessary to acknowledge the following inconvenient truths. First, President Muhammadu Buhari is neither the best Nigeria nor the APC can offer. Second, he marginalizes the Igbo people because the East did not vote for him. Third, Buhari remains the supreme leader of the APC. 

Ironically, however, the Igbo masses have every reason to be thankful for the last 5 years under the APC than the previous 16 years under the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP). Very true!! 

Critics will fire back here. Some may even see my opinion as grossly offensive. They will, of course, rehash the different manners of Igbo marginalization in the current APC government. Examples are common.  

Begin with the brazen exclusion of the major Igbo areas in the first phase of the nation’s railway network even though the region is home to the most widely traveled Nigerians. Follow that with the audacious exclusion of only the South-East zone from $22.7 billion loan secured to fund projects across the country—a loan that will be repaid by all Nigerians. Combine those instances with the fact that Buhari shortchanges the Igbo in area of political appointments.   

Any seasoned critic will attempt to cap the argument by comparing the current situation under the APC to the PDP years where the Igbo occupied plum political positions. There were the eight straight years that the Igbo held the Senate Presidency, eight straight years of Deputy Presidency, two four-year tenures of Deputy Speakership, Minister of Petroleum, Ministers of Power, Ministers of Aviation, Ministers of Education, Ministers of Health, Minister of Defence, Minister of Foreign Affairs, etc. 

Source:- http://saharareporters.com/2021/02/26/why-igbo-should-register-en-masse-apc-skc-ogbonnia

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