How To Make ₦14,000 Weekly in 2021, Get FREE ₦1,000 Instantly (NOT MLM)

In this article I will walk you through 3 simple steps on how to setup and activate a money making piggyvest account to constantly make you a minimum of ₦2,000 daily which equals to ₦14,000 weekly without disturbing your daily work. Anyone can do this, provided you have a bank account.

Chances are, you’ve already heard of Piggyvest. But what is Piggyvest Really?

PiggyVest is an ultra modern platform established with the aim of integrating savings and investments. Since its introduction in 2016 as PiggyBank, PiggyVest has transformed and is growing into a large financial management platform with products planned for the next few years to enable you manage your finances better.

PiggyVest has more saving and investment products designed to help you manage and grow your finances, providing quality services to help achieve financial freedom by merging flexibility, simplicity, discipline, and convenience, thereby taking away financial stress.


In Order To Complete This Setup and Instantly Activate Your Piggyvest Account for Earnings, You'll Need To Have ₦2,000 in Your Bank Account. You can Withdraw Your ₦2,000 and Your FREE ₦1,000 from Piggyvest After Completing This Setup.  

Step 1. Without any delay, lets get to it. In order for you to receive free #1,000 instantly in on signup, CLICK HERE to create a piggyvest account and come back to this article.

Step 2. After creating your piggyvest, click on account and then click on get flex number, this section will be displayed like the screenshot herein below. It will ask you to enter your BVN and validate, just follow the prompt to complete your BVN validation.

After you have successfully validated your BVN, you will see your new Providus bank account number, it will look like the screenshot herein below. 

Step 3. Copy the account number and transfer a minimum ₦2,000 to it, the funds will instantly show in your piggyvest Flex wallet, from your dashboard click on savings and add a minimum of ₦1,000 from your Flex Naira to your Piggybank and another ₦1,000 to your Safelock.

Click on home and click on redeem ₦1,000 to redeem your FREE ₦1,000. After this click on savings, by now your Qucksave will be showing ₦2,000, which is your free ₦1,000 bonus which you get using our link + the ₦1,000 you added to the Quicksave, the ₦2,000 you now have in your Quicksave will be automatically unlocked to your Flex wallet in 10 days which you can then withdraw to your bank account without any charges. But you can withdraw the ₦1,000 in your Piggybank to your bank account before the day of your Quicksave settlement.

After you have completed the three steps mentioned above, click on savings. your piggyvest savings should look exactly like this screenshot herein below.

Once you complete those steps as described above and your piggyvest savings is looking like the above picture, it means that your piggyvest account is fully setup and activated, which means that you are ready to start referring and earning with piggyvest.

Click on account and settings to see your unique referral link, see example in the picture below. Share your referral link with at least two persons every day through your social network accounts, and piggyvest will credit you with ₦1,000 every time someone signup using your link and in turn piggyvest will also credit each and every person you refer with free ₦1,000 instantly.

Again here is the signup link to get ₦1,000 instantly:

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Happy Earning.

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