Man Beats Up Wife For Refusing To Be Full House Wife In Lagos, Victim Lands In Hospital

The police have arrested a man, Kehinde Dosu, for allegedly beating his wife, Ojuolape Dosu, for engaging in petty business that makes her financially independent.

A human rights organisation, the Child Protection Network, Lagos Chapter informed SaharaReporters on Monday.


Kehinde and Ojuolape reside in the Fadeyi area of Lagos, but Ojuolape’s brother reported the incident after Kehinde assaulted his elder sister on Monday.

The culprit was then arrested by men of Onipanu Police Station for interrogation.

According to Ojuolape, who spoke with SaharaReporters on Tuesday, she has been suffering from domestic violence for many years as her husband always gets away with it. 

However, she said the latest assault made her voice out and her brother reported the case.

“The first incidence happened when my first child was about a year plus. I wanted to bathe him, and he was jumping in the bathtub. He eventually fell.

“That day, he slapped me, and I was shocked that he did that. So, I tried to defend myself. When he was not satisfied with that, he went into the room and brought out his naval belt to beat me. He was being trained in the Navy School then, but he didn’t finish that training. He used the big belt to beat me. I have marks all over my body.

“Another one happened about two years ago when my brother was preparing for his wedding. I was preparing food for the family and my baby woke up from sleep, asking for her father. So, I told her her daddy was on the balcony. I thought the girl was going to meet her dad, I didn’t know she had gone out to urinate.


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