How To Open BANK of AMERICA Account in Nigeria

The world is a digital place now. In fact, I'd say it is now fully digitally optimized.

You could literally say that the difference between people who are successful and people who aren’t is information. The internet today is filled with a plethora of information but knowing how to make use of the information is another great trait you see in successful people.

The world now operates like one digital sphere where you can do virtually anything that was hitherto impossible. Transactions running into billions of Dollars are done daily by people across different locations daily without necessarily leaving their localities.

Banking, receiving payments and paying for goods and services globally is now possible for Nigerians. You will legally open, own and run a Bank of America account here in Nigeria. I would like to note to you that you don’t need to change your IP or use any dedicated VPN.

Here’s how: 

Payoneer is one of the best ways to tap into the opportunity of transacting on a global scale. With your specific Bank of America account that you will get from Payoneer, you will be able to take your services online, render your services to a global market, earn foreign exchange and receive payment for your services and withdraw your money comfortably with your Payoneer card at any ATM in Nigeria and globally.

With your Bank of America account you can get paid by various companies and marketplace globally, you can earn more as a freelancer, pay for goods and services as well as transfer funds to other Payoneer account users.
 To open your Bank of America account in Nigeria click HERE, follow the instructions and input all required information correctly.

NOTE that with Payoneer any American bank account will be assigned to you when you sign up, but this post is focused on how you can open a Bank of America account in Nigeria. Fully active and functional and you can transact legally as freely as you want.

What will you get after opening the account? 

1. A dedicated Bank of America account to operate in USD and fully functional to run in Nigeria

2. Trusted and global payment service: Transact and earn foreign exchange with anyone in US/EU/UK

3. Access to leading market places where you can list your skills and services and get paid easily

4. Withdraw your funds easily across ATMs globally without any restrictions.

5. And LOTS more for your business…

Click here to sign up and open your Bank of America account today and take your business global.


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